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Add the same person twice to a proof review



We would like to add the same person to a review route twice in different stages. We have the project owners review proofs in stage 2, but then also need to review again in the last stage after everyone else has reviewed, so they can review other's comments, comment back for clarification or answer any questions.

Why is this feature important to you - Streamlines the process. Currently, the project manager has to reach out to the project owner after the route is complete to confirm there aren't any comments that need to be responded to, and wait for the project owner to reach back out to them when they've had the chance to review again. If they can be added again to the final stage, they will get the automatic email notification that it's their turn again. Once the review is complete, the PM knows it can be routed straight back to the necessary team without any additional steps in the process.




We definitely need this. We have people who need to approve projects in different stages and the only way we can do that now is to delete them off of stages they have seen and then add them back in later to a different stage.

We need this ASAP as it is critical to our workflow. Our creative teams cannot use Workfront Proof without this ability to have the proof owner be named on a subsequent routing stage!


Andrzej Belka,

Any updates to this one?? We have a sister company who is in need of this. Above you mention moving this into development some time ago, but have not heard back.

Please let us know the progress and timeline around it.

Thank you!

Joanne M Duckman

McCann Health


Yes I remember mid last year seeing this as one of the roll-outs for the end of the year, but it seems like that didn't happen. Can we please get an update where this is in it's progress?


It looks like this has gone on for almost TWO YEARS without any movement?? I just had a Workfront rep refer me to vote on this thread instead of providing a solution- but this appears to be where user needs go to die.

This is basic project management need- can this please be prioritized and update the poor users on this thread?



Agreed. We haven't gone live with WF Proof yet, and this would be something we'd love to have live before we do. Is this within the roadmap?


This has been open for nearly 3 years now....

When can we expect a timeline? There has only been one comment from the Workfront team on this idea during that time, yet it has over 90 votes, well above the threshold....

My digital imaging team needs to use automated approval workflows and they need to have the same person on multiple stages, but are unable to do so, this is hindering adoption.

Any updates would be great so we can communicate with our users and set expectations.