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Add the same person twice to a proof review



We would like to add the same person to a review route twice in different stages. We have the project owners review proofs in stage 2, but then also need to review again in the last stage after everyone else has reviewed, so they can review other's comments, comment back for clarification or answer any questions.

Why is this feature important to you - Streamlines the process. Currently, the project manager has to reach out to the project owner after the route is complete to confirm there aren't any comments that need to be responded to, and wait for the project owner to reach back out to them when they've had the chance to review again. If they can be added again to the final stage, they will get the automatic email notification that it's their turn again. Once the review is complete, the PM knows it can be routed straight back to the necessary team without any additional steps in the process.




Level 6


We need to be able to have individuals appear in different stages. For example the studio manager has to appear in the final stage to have final approval on everything.

For some clients the studio manager may also doing the artwork in the initial stages, therefor in the first or second stage.

Our workflows are set up to have the studio manager on the final stage so he cant easily be added to the early stages, because he is in the final stage. We dont want to delete the final stage so have to put someone else in the final stage to trick the system. All of this is unnecessarily cumbersome.


100% agree with this! When editing a manuscript, we would like to have our copywriter appear both after Editorial reviews the piece, and then again at the end of all stages when all reviewers and approvers are done so that they receive it back to incorporate the comments.

One way this could work is if there's an automatic locking mechanism to ensure that if a single person is added to more than 1 stage, it would be required that it is in a linear workflow, and the initial stage that they are on must be set to Lock When All Decisions Are Made, thereby forcing their second review to be wholly separate and occur within the later stage.


Yes, I can't believe that this is not a feature. There are some cases where we need the account director to review the document first and then to review the document again at the end of the route.


Hi, this is one of our top priorities at the moment and we planned to start working on it from the beginning of next month. The initial planned work will give us a prototype from which we will be able to estimate the possible release. It might seem that we are not working urgent enough on it but as this is an architectural change that will have an impact on most of our application we want to focus more on the quality then on the speed of the development.

I will communicate more once we have the possible release estimation.


We need this as well. Our project owners usually need to approve it at the beginning stages and then they need to do a final approval at the end since there could have been changes by legal or others along the way.