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Show warning and add setting to prevent user from moving a parent/completed task to an iteration


Level 4


Description - Parent tasks can be moved to an iteration, but many times, this occurs unintentionally. The consequence is that all child tasks under the parent task has their iteration information updated, which could include finished tasks in a past iteration, which corrupts the past iterations. Preventing any parent task from being moved into an iteration (can be a Agile Team setting) and at minimum showing a warning dialog that a parent task is being moved to an iteration would be helpful to avoid this type of error. However, even a warning may not prevent accidental moving of a parent task.


Why is this feature important to you - To reduce the potential for a user moving a parent task and all of the child tasks to a new iteration. When this happens, all past iterations for the moved tasks are impacted.


How would you like the feature to work - Add a Team setting that are marked as Agile that determines if parent tasks and completed tasks can be moved to an iteration or not. Also show a CLEAR warning dialog that a parent task is selected to be moved to an iteration as well as a warning that completed tasks are also being moved.


Current Behaviour - No rails to prevent a user from moving tasks to an iteration that should not be.