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Add Issues to typeahead custom fields


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We can currently reference a number of object types in typeahead custom fields, but not issues. I would like to be able to create a Typeahead custom field that references the Issue object please.



Community Advisor


We currently have multiple use cases for referencing issues in a Typeahead field; and users are even asking for more esoteric object references, including Documents.

Typeahead will become more valuable as more object types are supported, with Issues at the top of that list.


Level 3


I have the same request but for referencing a particular task.

The use case is within a project there is a form where this is used to validate and move a task from a different project (and some other bits that Fusion would need to do) to the current project. I would hope to be able to filter the field to only point at a few projects where these tasks would always be until moved.


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We would also like to see Issues as an object type in the typeahead field. Additionally we'd like the option to choose whether it's issue name or issue reference number that shows in that field. For issues, more than any other object, we tend to use the reference number rather than the issue name.


Level 2


We agree - having the ability to reference an Issue would be of value for us.


Some examples of how we would use the reference inclue:

  • Issue URL (so the Issue can be displayed on a report and users can navigate to the respective Issue, for easy access)
  • Return the Project and related information about the Project for the Issue