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Add field that tracks the Number of Pages per proof (which is already being calculated)


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The number of pages is automatically calculated for each proof uploaded already. It would be great for reviewers/approvers, admins, supervisors, and workflow owners to be able to see the number of pages (how large each proof is) for each reviewer/approver so that people can prioritize and plan for work accordingly.

If I could pull this into a View it would be great! Then I could also track things like

average number of pages for X type of projects, # of pages each person and department review in a day, a week, a month, a year, etc. Track the number of pages a typical print vs digital vs strategic project has. Track the number of pages a website has for better estimation at review time. There are so many useful ways we could use this as opposed to just the field for file size in MB, which is not quite as useful for estimation and planning purposes.