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Ability to summarize aggregated views in Summary view


Level 3


I need to access Report Summary View on reports with calculated views. Often times I create advanced reports using text mode but the data does not aggregate on Summary view.



Level 2


The ability to create calculated fields within reports (to manipulate the data that populates a report) would be great as well. For example, being able to pull a report of users' hours logged and then divide them by 8 to see hours/day represented in the report.


Level 3


Yes, and the details page does not display all records, only up to 2000, so the groups on the detail page do not display the full picture.

So basically there is no way to display a summary of data calculated in the report.

The workaround is to create calculated fields on the object on which you are reporting and then include those fields in the report. However this could lead to a great many calculated fields being required.

My investigations with WF have received the reply that the summary page does not have access to the code doing the calculations - Chinese walls!