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Ability to Delegate Proof Approvals


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Just like we can delegate project/task/issue approvals, and with 22.3 can delegate task/issue assignments, PLEASE have the ability to delegate proof approvals! There are other ideas for this with 'Not Planned' labeled, hoping power in numbers can help sway this bc this is something WF really needs. Hoping it is part of near-future proof enhancements.



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This would be a huge improvement. We have over 200 automated workflows. If an approver is out of office the proof can stall and hold up critical work. 


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This is very much needed. In our case, if an approver is on PTO, the lack thereof of being able to delegate approvals can become a significant delay in our process.


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It blows my mind that a power-house like Adobe can not address and fix this issue asap. Feels like a huge waste of money when other smaller worflow tools have this capability. Major disappointment. 


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I agree this has been a challenge—the delegations for projects and tasks in Workfront work great, but not for Proof HQ. I have found you can delegate proofs by going into the user profile within proof HQ and delegating, but it is a two step process and often people forget to do both steps when they are out of the office. Also, the new interface makes it harder to find your profile within proof hq. 




This idea is currently being investigated by the Workfront Product Management team. An official response will be provided by the end of May. Thanks for your patience!


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Status changed to: Investigating