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How to create task approval with Fusion?


Level 2


I'm working on a scenario where I watch for updates of several tasks within a Project.

When Task A is complete, I need to set Tast B to In Progress and create single use Task Approval. 

Is it possible to do it with Fusion? If so, how? Does anyone have working examples?

Could you please advise?

Thank you!


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Level 6

Hi Viktoriia,


although I do not have a working example ready, for the first part I would try the following:


- assign Task A as predecessor to Task B in Workfront

- add a Watch Events module in Fusion and configure the webhook to be triggered if a task is competed (filter to include Task A)

- add a Read Related Records module as next module with 

     Record Type -> Task

     Parent Record ID -> <ID of completed Task> from Watch Events module

     Collections -> Successors

     Outputs -> successorID

 to get the ID of Task B

- add an Update Record module as next module with
     ID -> successorID from Read Related Records module

     Record Type -> Task

     Fields to map -> Status -> in Progress


Adding a single use task approval using Fusion seems to be a more challenging part.

I think you will need to add 


- a Custom API Call module talking to ARVPRC via POST request (have a look into Fusion cookbook, chapter Automating Workfront Request Approval Workflows) for details

- an Update Record module to assign the new approval process to Task B





Level 2

Thank you so much, Lars! I'll look at API call module, I have not tried it yet.