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Creating a document version via fusion


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When an update is made on a custom form I need to create a document and add the fields.  That is straightforward.  However, if the document already exists then I need to create a new version of that document.  So I generate a new version but making that a new version of the original document is my issue.  The Adobe help is obscure and other sites talk about getting the document 'handle', from the newly created and-soon-to-be new version.  However, document fields in fusion don't list the handle field even though the API explorer does.  Any help would be excellent.  Thanks. Stuart

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Hello Stuart,


Uploading a document or a document version is a 2-step process, as also written in the Stack Overflow post you linked:


1. Call the endpoint upload to upload the file and get a handle

2. Call the endpoint docv to assign an additional version to an existing document


Maybe you will need to use the custom API module to call docv, as there does not seem to be the handle field, when choosing the Create record module. The handle is not persistent, so you cannot read it from the database. It is created in response to the upload call and will be removed after a while.





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Hi Lars


Thanks v much for your reply.  I had trouble finding the handle.  A colleague suggested I just try uploading the document onto the existing doc, which I was sure I'd tried sometime ago without success.  This time, however, it worked.  So my steps are:


Generate the doc from custom data using the PDF Services module

Upload the document into the issue (not convinced I need this step)- still to be tested

Use that document to upload a new version onto the existing document

Delete the one from step 2.


This way I maintain a single document in the Issue and it has multiple versions.


Thanks again for your help.


Best regards





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Hi Stuart,

Your steps roughly worked for me. I was able to directly create a Document version by first doing a search to see if there was already an existing document with the same name. If there was a preexisting document, I'd get the ID of that document and create an "Upload Document" to Workfront module. In that module, the "Related Record ID" is the ID of the preexisting document and the "Related Record Type" is a document version. Then the source is the PDF I want to be the new version. This way worked for me without needing to use a document handler, a workaround, or having to delete the previous version.