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Calendars & Fusion?


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Has anyone used a WF calendar in another tool like SharePoint, Confluence, or even subscribe by URL?


I'm curious if we can create a calendar URL via Fusion that will let us 'subscribe' to the calendar details.


Or has anyone fed something into another calendar format?

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Hi Christina! Love the idea and am onboard!


Another concept I have been scoping is the potential to take connected individual Outlook calendars, synced to Workfront, then through Fusion extract those records to be placed within a shared Sharepoint excel.


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Hi Colby - nothing is ever straightforward


I explored a few different options but what seemed to work best (for us) is to extract a report with what data I wanted in the calendar to drop into a SharePoint folder, so whatever calendar I was creating was pulling data from that file.


Not the most direct, but for some reason the MS Suite of products (SharePoint, Outlook, etc.) are all separate connectors and I'll get the most use out of the SharePoint connector than others.




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Hi Christina!


Thank you for the approach! 


All the Best,