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Automatically Create a Project Once a Request / Issue is Approved


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I am building a scenario in Fusion so that it will trigger once an issue is approved. We have attached an approval workflow to the issue. We would like to capture multiple content requests in a single issue by letting people choose multiple content from a dropdown. My questions are: 


1. What is the best module setup to use for the triggers? I have been trying to use Watch Event module with the currentApprovalStepID event filters but failed. Am I using the right module? If so, can anyone direct me on how to get the approval step ID from Workfront?


2. We plan to have Fusion create a project once the request is approved and then build a project from multiple project templates. For example, if in one request we receive content requests for a whitepaper and an email, we will want to combine the template tasks of whitepaper and email into one project. Is there a way to set up the Workfront to be able to do this? 


Your assistance is truly appreciated. Thank you!


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I have a scenario that triggers on approval of an issue where the status equals the 'approved' status.  The only challenge I had is that I had to create unique scenarios for each unique approval status