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Has the support for Workfront changed? We are having a lot of challenges with delays and people not understanding the situation so there are a lot of back and forth. We seem to have to do a phone call and booking a common time is not easy anymore. This is out of character for support. How do we escalate our problems? We have one open since the beginning of June.


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Hello Heidi,


Welcome to my world. Unfortunately, support is currently extremely limited.


No matter how much information I send in advance and show that I have even thought about possible causes or solutions, I often get back standard answers that give the impression that my explanations have either not been read at all or at least not understood.

You also often have to follow up several times to get an update at all, but if you don't reply for 2-3 days, the tickets are very quickly closed without being resolved.


The answers and comments from the community here are generally much more substantial and worth more.






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We have been experiencing the same situation, I've had to be on 2 calls recently over one issue.  On another ticket, the suggestions that they made didn't make any sense for the problem that we were having.


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Same issue, so I have been sending screen recordings along with the ticket to explain the problem.


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We have experienced the same problems with support as mentioned above. A few months ago, support changed to a support "team" instead of an individual that knows you and your system. It seems as though the support "team" knows less about Workfront than the average user does.

I send videos as well but still get back questions and suggestions that makes it seem like they don't understand how Workfront works. We are supposed to have a "Success Manager" but we haven't heard from them in over a year, so there's that.