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November Events for System Administrators


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Each month, the Adobe Workfront Customer Success team hosts FREE, interactive workshops on various topics for System Administrators. 

If you want to LEARN best practices, ASK questions and collectively brainstorm solutions, or CONNECT with other system administrators to build your network, sign up for one or all of the following events:  

Register using the links above, or through the Events page on Experience League. We hope to see you there!  

Have questions or want to co-host a session to share your expertise? Send us an email at csatscale@adobe.com

BONUS: In case you missed the hot-topic October events on Workfront Fusion, including live-walkthroughs, check out the on-demand recordings and download a copy of the slide deck in the follow-up posts:

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Hey @NicholeVargas hope you're well!


Just wondering if the deck and recording from the Adobe Workfront Q4-2023 Release Roundup that took place on 31-10-23 will be available on Experience League as a follow up post please? If it's already up, apologies, but I wasn't able to find it via the search.


Many thanks



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Hi Vikki,

I have looked too, I hope the e-mail did not get sent to junk mail.

If you get it, would you mind sending it to me?






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@vikkigibbs_ibm @meswede1 The email just went out to all who attended the workshop - we were waiting on answers from the Workfront Product team before sharing. If you did not receive the email, let us know and we can pass it along. The recording and slide deck will not be published to Experience League, as most of this content already exists through release notes and webinar follow-up posts. 


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Is someone else having an issue registering? When I click on the links, I get this error:Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 3.28.55 PM.png

Thanks in advance!


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@fmojica Based on that error message you shared, it looks as if you need to add MS Teams to your list of trusted domains. You may need to work with your internal IT team in case you don't have the authority to do so yourself. I found this article that should walk you through this. If using Chrome:

  1. In the Chrome Settings window, open the Privacy and security tab, and then select Cookies and other site data.

  2. Under Sites that can always use cookies, select Add, and then select the Including third-party cookies on this site checkbox.

  3. Add the following sites:

    • [*.]microsoft.com

If you are still running into issues, I'd recommend submitting a ticket into your internal IT team as they can help!