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Job Roles and Resource Management


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At the end of last year (2022), we updated our Job Roles to align with each employee's title and hierarchy within their department (i.e., Group Director, Director, Associate Director, Senior Manager, Manager, Coordinator). Each employee's new (title-aligned) Job role was set up as their Primary Job Role.


We also created Job Roles that align with each discipline (i.e., Advertising Operations, Analytics, and Performance, Client Engagement, Content Marketing, Copy, Visual Design, etc.); these Job Roles were set up as each user's "Other" (second) Job Role. This was done so our resource managers could resource the entire discipline, no matter the user's primary(title-aligned) Job role.


I am looking for some advice and thoughts on the following:

  1. Was this the best way to set up the Job Roles? 
  2. Could the discipline "other" Job Role per user be set up as a team instead?
  3. Has anyone else done a similar setup?
  4. The main reason we want the Job Role aligned closer to the user's title is to track Revenue and Actuals (burn). We have a rate card that has multiple layers of hierarchy, and we need to know what the Jr Designer did as well as the Sr. Designer. Both users have different rates.
  5. Rates are associated with Companies in our instance - (Company Bill Rates = Client rate card)
  6. So at the task level, we have Cost Type (User Hourly) and Revenue Type (Role Hoursly). This allows us to see Actual Revenue.Is there a different setting we can use at the Task Level that will allow us to reduce the number of Job Roles we have in our instance but still account for Company Bill Rates per user? 



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