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How to approach getting close to your organization's workfront file storage limit


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I am creating this thread to start a discussion among other system admins to hear how they have approached clearing out space to stay under their organization's storage limit.


This is an issue I've been looking to address within my instance. When I started my document deletion journey there were over 85,000 files in our instance and we were getting close to hitting our account storage limit. In the last few months I've met with stakeholders and have been working to delete files that date back more than a year, I've managed to clear over a TB of storage but still have ~60,000 remaining documents.


Also, proof having its own trash which doesn't clear on the same cadence as the workfront recycling bin but also affects our storage capacity has thrown an additional wrench into the equation. Workfront support informed me that the proof trash isn't able to be organized and doesn't ever clear on its own (like the workfront recycling bin does after 30 days). So I'm unsure of a "safe" way to remove these proofs that are living in the proof trash and affecting my system storage.


Please let me know if you have encountered similar issues with overall account storage limitations and/or proof trash cleanup! Would love to hear from the community on what other users have done in this situation.


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Our path was the simplest one, we paid for more storage, IIRC the additional fee was very reasonable.

In the long run, for us, it might not be worth the significant effort to identify/segregate/delete potentially thousands of 5MB or less documents for a very moderate storage gain.  If we had a lot of video content perhaps this dynamic would change in that it would be a lot easier to recover significant amounts of space in much fewer files.


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We aren't near our storage luckily but we do have document retention policies. I've been exploring Fusion for this concept then we can identify created/entry dates of objects and remove them entirely from our system. Not sure if you have fusion but this could be an option.