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Group By Week - Not on a sunday


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Is it possible when grouping a list of tasks by week to control the day that the week begins on? I don't like that it's defaulting to Sunday and want to customize it. 

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Do you want to shift the definition of the week or just the displayed date on the grouping?


For the latter, you can use a valueexpression in the grouping to ADDDAYS(YourDate, 1) to show Monday instead of Sunday.

Thank you! I'm not the best with text mode beyond some basics. 


If this is my grouping in text mode, what would I change to produce that result? Ideally, I want to show every friday instead of Sunday because that aligns better with our commission cycle. 


group.0.namekey=Commissionable Date
group.0.valuefield=Commissionable Date


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Would it work when shown in a chart too or would that only reflect in a report's detail view? Also wondering how exactly would enter in text mode if you have an example snippet!

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I'm not sure what the text mode is exactly, that is what I was hoping to find out from someone in the community.