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‌📊 [Event Follow-Up] Learn: Making the case for Custom Forms in Adobe Workfront



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Well hello folks! 


Thanks again to all the customers who attended and participated in Tuesday's Learn event, Making the case for Custom Forms in Adobe Workfront, hosted by the CS Scale Team Dream Team, myself @CynthiaBoon , Nichole Vargas @NicholeVargas  and Leslie Spier @LeslieSpier.


For those who missed the session, we've attached the presentation to this post and you can watch the on-demand recording here. If you have a specific question that was not addressed, please reply to this post!  


Hopefully the event inspired you with the magic of Custom Forms, but just in case you want more magic, Monday’s (7/31/23) Adobe Workfront Community Q&A Coffee Break is all about Custom Forms!  


Additional events are being added each week, including an upcoming session on Request Queues and a new series on Fusion. Keep checking our Events page for more info!  


We hope to see you at an event soon! 

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Level 1


I really enjoyed this webinar. I finally got around to creating one of the samples you guys presented. (Calculated Field #2 - Link to a tab on an object from Slides #13 and #14 in the presentation deck). I successfully completed every step except the very last one


I created the calculated field and successfully added it to the task report. The link works when I leave the link as is, but when I try to set a rule for "IF this field IS NOT BLANK, 'show text' - "Click Here," it removes the hyperlink. If I do not have this text, then the hyperlink works.


I add the text mode line "link.url=DE:custom field name" but for some reason the "show text" rule just overrides this line. Can someone help?


Here is what my text mode looks like (I've bolded the line that I add to try and link): 

valuefield=project:Link to Documents Tab
styledef.case.0.comparison.leftmethod=DE:project:Link to Documents Tab
styledef.case.0.comparison.lefttext=DE:project:Link to Documents Tab
styledef.case.0.comparison.truetext=Click Here
link.url=DE:Link to Documents Tab
namekeyargkey.1=Link to Documents Tab
querysort=DE:project:Link to Documents Tab
case.0.comparison.truetext=Click Here
case.0.comparison.leftmethod=DE:project:Link to Documents Tab
case.0.comparison.lefttext=DE:project:Link to Documents Tab






Employee Advisor

@LindsayOl Thanks for reaching out! It looks as if you are trying to send users to the Documents tab of the Project. If that's the case, because this is a Task report, you'll want to update your text mode for the link.url field to include the project reference so that Workfront knows this is a project custom field. See below: 

link.url=DE:project:Link to Documents Tab

If you run into any issues, just let me know!