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[Event Follow-Up] ‌🤔 Ask Customer Panel: Using Workfront to Solve Business Challenges



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Thanks to all the customers who took the time to participate in yesterday's  workshop! 


We could have called it “WF = spreadsheet slayer!” (Thank you Suzanne Cockerille for that idea! 🤣)


Extra special thanks to our presenters! The ideas they shared are truly inspiring and make us excited for audits, budgets, and mergers.  🤓

  • Mary Schelich (@Mary_Schelich) - Project Manager/Workfront System Admin, Compana Pet Brands  
  • Paula Korman (@PaulaKo) - Director of Project Management and Commercialization, Compana Pet Brands  
  • Rhonda Triggs (@RhondaTriggs) - Marketing Operations Systems Manager, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.  


For those who missed the session, you can watch the on-demand recording here.  Bonus Tip – The Dumpster Fire Rating Scale is worth taking the time to watch the recording.  😉


Additional events are being added to the Events page each week, so keep checking regularly to ensure you don't miss out.  Here's what is coming up for the rest of May!  

 We hope to see you in our upcoming live events!

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Appreciate info for us, since located in EU, is it possible to get the recorded link of the session?

Thanks and regards, 🙂



Absolutely!  Here's the hyperlink where you can watch the on-demand recording.  Let me know if you have any issues with the link.  

We have an event each month that we schedule early in the US so that hopefully it's not too late for our friends in the EU.  If it's convenient, we'd love to talk more about all the cool things shared in the Customer Panel.

Thanks! 🤠


Level 6

I had a great time! Thank you for including me 🙂  I ran out of time and didn't get to respond to all of the chat messages as quickly as I would have liked. So, I will be posting some responses here. I hope you all don't mind!


Level 6

I am attaching a PDF with some ideas for a Quarterly Reporting Toolkit to standardize what gets provided to the various teams around the department or organization. The idea is to provide a basic set of reports and tools for the users to be able to pull the data they need on their own each quarter. Hopefully, providing options will help minimize the number of reporting requests coming in. Ultimately, I plan to remove the date filter for "last quarter" and push everyone to use prompts and groupings to make use of this for Y/Q/M reporting. 

Please share other ideas you have for this or other ways to minimize the redundant report requests admins typically receive. 

Thank you Rhonda!  We'll make sure to share it during our upcoming events!


Also wanted to upload some examples shared by Mary Schelich (@Mary_Schelich) and Paula Korman (@PaulaKo).  


Here's the Mergers & Acquisitions Example of the Target Acquisition Custom Form. 

And here's the Mergers & Acquisitions Example of the IT Custom Form.  Can't wait to try all of these in my environment! 


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