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Day of Week Lag Type


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Task name: First Day - Start date is entered as due date

Task name: Monday Prior to Start date - pulls due date from first day and sets as prior Monday.


Going off of this article and using 19fs-12w as predecessor. 



This does work, but only if First Day - Start Date lands on a Monday. 


For example: Start date is 6/26, Monday Prior will update to 6/19. But if Start date is 6/28, Monday Prior updates to 6/26. Is it possible to set this up so it will always pull previous week Monday and not just previous Monday?


Thank you in advance!!

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Level 3

Is your schedule mode set to Completion Date?
I believe I was able to achieve what you were describing using it and setting the task constraint on your Monday Prior task to 'As Soon As Possible'. Changing the Planned Completion Date changes task 1, which in turn changes task 2 to the immediate prior Monday.
I hope that was what you were looking for.