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August 18 Workshop - Drive Adoption with Dashboards: Workers


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Thank you to those who attended and participated in the August 18 Workshop, Drive Adoption with Dashboards: Workers hosted by Adobe Workfront Customer Success. As promised, here is a Community discussion to continue the conversation. I encourage you all to share additional best practices for getting users to log time, accurately update percent complete, mark tasks complete when they are finished and more. If you have other tips or recommendations to help drive user engagement and adoption, we'd love to hear them! 


I've included a few links that were requested in the chat and ideas to up-vote / link (that we will bring forward as well). These will also be included in the follow-up email you should have received. 



  • Tips on getting users to log hours:  
    • Get leadership buy-in and have communication come from the top down 
    • Start small with a pilot group to collect feedback  
    • Share data with users to let them know what actual hours are being used for and reiterate that time tracking is not a micromanagement tool. This can help justify an additional head count. Are they working too much? 
    • Build a report or dashboard to surface hours so they can easily see the data.  

Thank you! 

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@NicholeVargas - I've been trying to use the "assignment users" filter you mentioned on this training and it's not pulling anything up in the filters. Do you know if Workfront removed that option? I'm in a task report and I've tried it in Prod, Preview, and Sandbox and it doesn't show anywhere.