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Introducing the End User Communications Cookbook




We are so excited to share that we’ve just published the next Adobe Workfront Cookbook – these are “recipes” written for you, BY YOU. In this cookbook, we look at how Workfront System Admins are communicating with their end users.

Earlier this year, we interviewed a number of current former Workfront System Admins to learn how they communicate with their end users and, not surprisingly, confirmed that there really isn’t a “one size fits all” approach.

Some Admins talk regularly with their end users, some only communicate when there are major changes. Some engage directly with end users, while others go through Group Admins or SMEs.

This cookbook is intended to show real examples of how, when, and why your peers are communicating with users so you can create your own unique recipes without having to start from scratch. Inside you'll find 10 communications examples to explore – from how to share new features and enhancements with users, to enablement on basic processes, and more. While certainly not an exhaustive list of all types of communications, it’s a great place to start.

As with all the cookbooks in this series, they’re meant to be modified – take the recipes and customize them to make them your own! If you find something that works, or have questions, come back here and let us know!