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Community Announcement – Updates to the Adobe Workfront Ideas Space




Hello Adobe Workfront Community,


It’s been a while since our last update, and I appreciate your patience as we worked on this behind-the-scenes. I wanted to share with you all the next steps for the Adobe Workfront Ideas Space.


In my initial announcement, I highlighted our dedication to the Legacy Review Process, a collaboration with the Workfront Product Management team aimed at responding to top ideas from the past few years. Earlier this year, the Product Team successfully completed the Legacy Review Process. A total of ~100 ideas across the 10 core Workfront product areas have been reviewed and their statuses have been updated (please refer to the original announcement for the 10 core areas).


We have made sure to tag the original idea publisher so they are notified of our responses. To see which ideas have been responded to, please filter by the available statuses located at the top right of the ideas board (Investigating, Declined, Delivered, etc.).


Looking ahead, our plan is to archive all “new” ideas (i.e. ideas with the “New” status) published at least 2 years ago (before April 2022). This adjustment is designed to enhance navigation for both our members and Product Management teams. We aim to complete this archival process by Friday, April 19th. Please note that this archive procedure will be conducted yearly to maintain the usability and efficiency of the Ideas space.


Next month, we'll be launching the new and improved ideas process. Our goal is to establish a system that integrates accountability for ideas marked for implementation or follow-up. This process has been thoroughly vetted by our Product leadership team, and I'm confident it will foster increased engagement from our Product SMEs. Please see the details below for an overview of the improved ideas review process (this was posted previously in original announcement):


  • Every 6 months, Product Managers will be provided with a list of ~20 ideas that received the highest amount of engagement for review. These ideas will be curated by the Community Manager and are based on standard engagement metrics such as the number of page views, likes, and comments. Product Managers are required to respond to all ideas selected by the Community Manager.
  • To ensure that a fair spread of older and recently submitted ideas are responded to, those compiled by the Community Manager will be a mix of ideas submitted in the past year, and older ideas spanning up to 2 years from the bi-annual review date. This process allows for older ideas that still gain a lot of traction to be reviewed by Product teams.
  • During this bi-annual review cycle, Product Managers will be required to follow up on ideas that have been moved out of the “New” status during a previous review cycle. This way, submitted ideas that are in "work-in-progress" stages (i.e. Needs Info, Investigating, Accepted) can be expected to receive an update at least twice per year. Please note that ideas in “Declined”, “Archived”, or “Delivered” will not be updated as they are considered complete.


Over the next month, I'll be curating approximately 20 ideas to align with product strategy planning. Keep voting, commenting, and publishing ideas! The more engagement an idea receives, the more likely it will be considered for the product engagement shortlist.


I trust this reimagined process will energize you for future product updates. Workfront Community members consistently contribute innovative ideas that elevate the Workfront solution. Thank you for playing a crucial role in making the Workfront Community a highly resourceful, open, and welcoming hub for all Workfront users!






Thanks for the update @jon_chen,


To help your curation efforts, as I come across ideas (or discussions, or questions) that I believe are worthy of consideration, I will tag you directly and include a hashtag (e.g. #Top20Idea2024) for future searching purposes (and invite others to follow suit, if they wish).







Great idea @Doug_Den_Hoed__AtAppStore! Please note that bi-annual reviews of ideas will be based on core engagement metrics (likes, views, comments), but tagging me and adding a hashtag will help highlight them a bit further.


Level 3


Thanks for the update, @jon_chen. It is very good to know the people at Workfront is listening to their customers. As an admin, it makes a huge difference to be able to differ my users to this space to voice their ideas.