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AEP connector for AWS PrivateLink


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Has anyone created a source connection between Experience Platform and AWS using AWS PrivateLink (a VPC service)?  I know it is available in Commerce, but I wanted to know if there was a way to do the same with AEP.

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One of my clients asked Adobe about this and were told it's not currently possible. Would be interested to hear if others have heard the same.


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As mentioned by @derekselby , current AWS connector doesn't support it currently. I havent seen in their roadmap too.


If you can give more details on your use case, we can try to provide alternate solution if possible


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I need to source data currently residing in a Redshift database and a Snowflake database.  Access to both of these databases is via a Privatelink service.  Client does not permit direct external connections to the data systems.  I know in the Snowflake case the database endpoint contains ".privatelink." in the endpoint url.  I just do not know how if the connectors will work if we are given a privatelink endpoint.  The alternate solution is to have the client extract csv files and post to an S3 bucket - not very elegant.  There has to be another way to get a connection (VPC or privatelink) to these AWS data sources with the security the client requires.  Reverse proxy is not an option.

If I use an endpoint containing "privatelink" in the URL and assume it uses the AWS privatelink service, what should it matter?  as long as I have the endpoint and credentials in the connect string, I should be able to connect, yes?


Can I set up an HTTPS:// connection instead?


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While is no specific Adobe AEP connector for AWS PrivateLink, it might be possible to create a data pipeline or use APIs to move data from AWS to Adobe Experience Platform. You might use AWS Glue, Kinesis, or Lambda, for example, to collect and process data, and then use Adobe's APIs to send the processed data to AEP.

All the best, hope it helps.