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Unable to pass dynamic variable to the post call in AJO datasources


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I want to call an external datasource from AJO and pass the list of all products so that i can get the availability of the products from the external system.


I read the document for making a post call to the external sources and doing the same thing as mentioned in the document




However i am not able to pass  dynamic variables to the post API.


Did anyone tried passing list of dynamic variables to an API on AJO


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Thanks in advance,




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Hello @arpan-garg 


Could you please share more details on what you have tried and what is not working? Some screenshots would helpful to understand what you are doing and where the problem could be.

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Dynamic parameter values depend on the execution context, they will be defined in the journey. Use advanced editor to feed dynamic values.

Check https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/journey-optimizer/using/orchestrate-journeys/building-advanc...

Screenshot 2023-09-21 114131.png


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Hi @akshaaga @anuhya-tad @Manoj_Kumar_ - Just to add more details for clarity. I have a usecase where i want to send all the products that customer added to the cart to a datasource so that i can check the stock availability of the products.


I see in advanced editor , i am unable to loop through all the items in productList. Is there a way to iterate and send all the items to the datasource in one way.


I see array function as last, at, all but couldn't find a way to send entire productListItems to datasource as a payload.




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@anuhya-tad @akshaaga @Manoj_Kumar_ - This is what i am trying to send to an external API




But this is the error i get while saving the journey 



Datasource only accept string while configuring and doesn't allow listString. Is there a way to send listString



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@arpan-garg, Can you take a look at this documentation to see if that helps,


Also, if you want to check the availability of the product with the help of an external system you can try a recent feature added to custom actions to get API response.


Thanks, Sathees


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Hi @SatheeskannaK  - I already checked the support of listStrings in custom action earlier but the point is the response payload part is still in beta and is not publicly available.


This eliminates it as an option for us.