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'put_a_key_here' in enriched audience AJO Journey


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Hi! I want to use the fields from an enriched audience (companyName and companyCount) in AJO journey, 




but when I select the enriched field the advanced editor from journey looks like this





Do you know what 'put_a_key_here' means?

Also I'm not able to add an Audience created in Audiece Composition in AJO Read Audience activity.



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anyone can help me? there's no any doc about this. Thanks.


Community Advisor

@Silvio6, I believe any audiences created using audience composition won't be available for journeys. It will be available for Journeys as of today. Similarly, the expression you're trying to use within Journey may not work.



But what I have found is within the journey expression I used 'put_a_key_here' value as dataset id which is accepting. Usually, enrichment attributes come from a dataset to enrich with existing audience. Hence, I used dataset ID. Not sure if this will work or not.


Thanks, Sathees


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good to know. I didn't want to activate the dataset for Profiles but I think it'll be the only way to have that new attribute for the profile in the journey.