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Impact of Using Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) Without Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)


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Hello AJO Community,

We are using Adobe Campaign v7. We send bulk emails through the Adobe Campaign Mid Server and real-time emails via the Adobe Campaign Transaction Server. Marketing team has several use cases where they want to send personalized emails based on customer actions. 


Given their requirements, we are considering purchasing Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) as a standalone product which Adobe is now offering.. However, since AJO is built on Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) , we are concerned about the potential impact on features and functionalities if we opt for AJO without AEP.

Here are a few specific points we are looking for insights on:

  1. Will AJO operate effectively without AEP, or are there critical dependencies that might limit its capabilities?
  2. How will the absence of AEP impact the real-time personalization and journey orchestration features of AJO?
  3. Are there any limitations or potential issues we should be aware of when using AJO as a standalone product?
  4. Would purchasing AJO standalone be the best solution for a client with a higher volume of transactional emails compared to bulk emails?

We would appreciate any detailed insights, experiences, or recommendations from the community regarding this scenario. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Hi @lnl669 


Your approach of leveraging AJO for real-time use cases is the natural evolution of transactional messages from ACC and is the right approach.

AJO is an application built on top of AEP and what it means is when you purchase AJO, you do purchase also all the required elements and infrastructure of AEP for AJO to function properly. In a very simplistic way, when you purchase AJO, you will be able to ingest data into AEP using all the AEP Sources available and you would then use these data for audiences to be used in AJO and to build journeys. 


What you will not have when you purchase AJO only is the RT-CDP application which in a very simplistic way represents all the destination AEP can send audiences too.


I strongly suggest you get into contact with your account team and they'll explain it all in more details.


Hope this clarifies,




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Hello @costa_n11 , 


Thank you for your reply. 


I was going through the AJO product description page. 



There I notice the following limitation in all Static , Prime and Unlimited modules. Please find the attached screenshot. 







In points g and h, they mentioned that one batch segmentation job can take up to 7 hours and that only one batch segmentation job can be processed per day.

This means that if we have two batch segments, b_segment1 and b_segment2, we can calculate the audience for b_segment1 only once per day, and the same applies to b_segment2.

As far as I know, via API, we can trigger batch segmentation on demand. So, does this mean that out-of-the-box batch segmentation calculates once per day, but on demand, we can run it as many times as needed, with each processing taking up to 7 hours?

Secondly, if I compare this with Adobe Campaign, we can run a query and get the results quickly, so I think Adobe Campaign might be better in that case. Can you please share your feedback on this?


In point h, they have mentioned that without an AEP license, certain features do not work, such as Data Science Workspace, Data Lake, and Query Services, unless a separate bundle is purchased. Can you please share your feedback on this point as well?


Thank you

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Hi @lnl669 

As mentioned earlier, you'r best option going forward is to work with your Adobe account team who will work with you on your use cases, positioning AJO and answer your questions, specially licence entitlements

As for the batch segmentation job, in standard it runs once a day which means that all audiences are evaluated once a day. Using the API to trigger a audience evaluation (outside the standard scheduled job) will put out above the "once a day" as per licence, you can request during licence discussions to increase the number of audience evaluation job based on your scenario.

Also, you can't compare ACC / ACS with AJO, these solutions haven't been built for the same purposes: AJO is for real-time and near-time use cases while ACC / ACS are bulk use cases, not the same.

Hope this helps,





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Hello @costa_n11 ,


Thank you so much for sharing your feedback.