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How to Re-subscribe an opt-out user through API


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As mentioned in the above URL, executed the below steps

1. Tried using the API URL's with request parameters 'params' and 'pid' (which is retrieved through the first email received by the user. Also, every time new email is received the params & pid changes)


2. Did add the Header data and request body. This looks fine.

   "marketing": [
            "type": "email",
            "choice": "yes",
            "scope": "channel"

3. Getting Not Acceptable error as response like below


    "timestamp": "2024-01-24T04:04:57.373+00:00",
    "status": 406,
    "error": "Not Acceptable",
    "path": "/preferences"
Anything wrong with params and pid? Does it auto-expire after sometime?

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Community Advisor

@shashi_c23, Are you using an externally hosted landing page from the email sent by AJO? When you click on “unsubscribe,” does it make a call to the subscription API along with the parameters and request body mentioned in the documentation, to update the opt-out flag in AJO?

Thanks, Sathees



Hi @shashi_c23,
Can you help @SatheeskannaK understand your issue more to be able to help you further?


Sukrity Wadhwa