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Offer Decisioning Simulations for all customers without influencing capping via UI


Level 2


Currently Offer Decisionig Simulations via UI can only be executed for customers flagged as 'test' customers. It should be possible to execute Offer Decisionig Simulations via UI for all customers without having impact on for example capping parameters. It should be posible to execute an Offer Decisioning request and seeing the result without impactig customer profile, this means as a real 'simulation' via UI (not realistic call).

There is no way in the UI to check a customers' eligibility or Offer scores for specific Offers. In case of complaints or inquiries on what Offers a customer sees, we need to be able to simulate the customers' situation without impactig it to understand what is happening. This means not influencing the future behaviour of the Offer Decisioning for the customer itself. E.g. A customer should not reach the capping of an Offer because we simulated the behaviour of the Offer Decsisioning for him or her.