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AJO avoid sending email / sms during weekend and holidays


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Description -

Why is this feature important to you -  sending sms in weekend to client is really not acceptable , emails send during weekend are tend to be ignored 

How would you like the feature to work - i suggest to put this configuration on the surface of the sms/email then when you using this action on the journey , the message will wait until the first working day. i suggest like "outlook" , define global working days .

Current Behaviour - for now , each time i need to spilt the action like this 


and i need to do it on every action on every journey this is very cumbersome and make the journey unreadable while if i have it on the surface level i can choose if this message will use that surface and avoid sending on weekends . then i can reuse this surface in all of my journeys but define it in one place. 

i would like to add also calendar with holidays to avoid sending messages too


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Agreed. I like this idea of adding to a surface. An alternate would be Journey Fragments.  Building a custom part of a journey that could be saved as a reusable drag/drop condition.