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MSO optimization when using the email designer


Level 4



I think it would be a huge improvement to the email designe if we could ensure that elements in the email is mso optimized WITHOUT breaking the visual editor. For a lot of companies, it is not necesarrily developers who work with the emails and thus a visual editor is needed for flexibility in the workflow. However, the visual editor will break as soon as you start to change anything in the source code thus leaving you unable to ensure mso optimized CSS as well as favicons and other stuff. 


This is important since it will allow for a stronger use-case of the visual email editor and ensure democratization of the email design role (in my opinion).  


I imagine this feature to work in a few ways: Make sure that email designer itself adds mso optimized css lines OR allow to split html and css so that you can code the css yourself but stay in the visual editor. 


Currently, if we try change minoir things such as mso tags or favicons we are forever forced into the code editor and every email / content person working with that email will no longer be able to.