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Adobe Journey Optimizer Community Lens 6th edition is out.

[Release Update] Personalize journeys with behavioral data using Computed Attributes


We're excited to share that Computed Attributes feature is live in Adobe Journey Optimizer and Real-time CDP. With this feature, you can quickly aggregate events for each of a customer's profile into a profile attribute, enabling enhanced behavior-based segmentation, personalization, and activation. You can leverage computed attributes to:
  • Use behavioral data directly in unitary or batch journeys to drive impactful personalization (e.g., personalize 1:1 with last_viewed product or purchase counts )
  • Create category fields within profile attributes and use them for personalization without creating one segment per category, thereby reducing the number of segments to be created and managed
  • Simplify journey workflow by using Computed Attribute to split journeys quickly based on behavioral data
  • Minimize events in profile by deleting old events (e.g., creating a 3 month sum_orders computed attribute and applying 1 month TTL on EE purchase datasets)

Questions/thoughts on use cases? Let's discuss in the thread below!

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