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[Release Update] Adobe Journey Optimizer 2022 Q1 Releases



Hello Everyone, 

Here are the Adobe Journey Optimizer product releases for the first quarter of 2022. For detailed update on New Capabilities, Improvements, and Fixes, check here: Release Notes

March 2022 Release

  • New step events related to export jobs are now sent by Journey Optimizer to Adobe Experience Platform. Examples of queries have been added to documentation.
  • You can now specify if offer capping is applied across all users or to one specific profile, and to all placements or per placement. 
  • You can now enable/disable the unsubscribe link in/from the email header at the message preset level, and set a custom unsubscribe URL at the message level.
  • You can now save more than 40 personalization expressions in the library. 

February 2022 Release

  • Subscription Landing Pages - You can now create and design landing pages in Journey Optimizer, and direct your users to online forms where they can opt-in or opt-out from receiving your communications, or subscribe to a specific service such as a newsletter.
  • New Personalization Expression Library - Journey Optimizer now provides a library where you can access predefined personalization expressions. These expressions are configured by Admin users.
  • Pass information to track your messages with UTM Tracking Parameters - In Journey Optimizer message content, you can now add UTM parameters to your links: they can provide additional data about that link, and help you identify where and why a person clicked on your link.

January 2022 Release

  • Journeys - Optimize your IP ramp up with Profile cap conditions - When configuring a Condition activity in a journey, you can now define a profile cap. This new condition type allows you to set a maximum number of profiles for a journey path. When this limit is reached, the entering profiles take an alternate path. This allows you to ramp up the volume of your deliveries (IP ramp up).
  • Journeys - Read segment improvement - The Incremental read option has been added to recurring Read Segment activities. This option allows you to only target the individuals who entered the segment since the last execution of the journey. The first execution always targets all segment members.

Find the detailed release information here: Latest Release


Feel free to reach out in case you have any questions and/or feedback through the below comment section.

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