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Adobe Journey Optimizer Community Lens 6th edition is out.

Journey Optimizer June Release : What's new in Journey Optimizer



Hello Journey Optimizer community!   The June release is here and we have some awesome stuff to share.  If you haven't already, please check out the release notes to get all the details! 


There are four exciting new capabilities to share this month.


Send SMS to your users 
You can now create, personalize, and send SMS natively in Journey Optimizer through integrations with Sinch and Twilio. This feature is in early-access limited availability. To request early access, contact your account manager or Adobe representative. 


Find more impactful images faster with Adobe Stock integration
The Adobe Stock and Adobe Journey Optimizer Email Designer integration plugin provides customers an easy way to navigate, license and save imagery for use in message authoring. The new Find similar Stock photos option also allows you to locate Stock photos that will match the content, color, and composition of your images.


Use Email BCC on all your emails
You can now use the Email BCC (blind carbon copy) capability to store emails sent by Adobe Journey Optimizer. Enable this option in your email presets so that every email sent is blind-copied to your BCC address.


Copy objects between sandboxes
You can now re-create the experiences from a Journey Optimizer sandbox to another, for example from a non-production sandbox to a production sandbox. This new capability copies an entire Journey, including any objects the Journey depends on to run correctly, from one environment to another. In addition to Journeys, you can also copy other components, such as Offers, Messages, Schemas, Datasets, Data Sources, Events, and Actions.

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