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How Adobe Journey Optimizer Enhances Customer Experience | AJO Blog




Hi everyone,

Here's a blog post by one of our Solution Consultants at Adobe - @Venkatks, about how Journey Optimizer can enhance customer experience.

This blog begins with an introduction of what is customer journey and then evolves to talk about various ways in which Journey Optimizer can help users transform their customer's experience strategy from a transaction based strategy to a journey based orchestration. Read here to learn more about these ways: How Adobe Journey Optimizer Enhances Customer Experience



One of the many challenges that businesses today encounter is the task of enriching the experience the customer has with the brand. This is a paradox in itself as to answer the question — what are the experiences that could make a difference when enriched?

When thinking about all these, one would start to wonder if a good customer experience platform is just a bundle of point-to-point interaction based linear program? Are they just based on the transactions — touch and go points where the customers interact with the brand and nothing more?

Unto this point, the answer would be a resounding “Yes”. The reason is simple. Apart from a few Customer Experience solutions, others are still at a point that offer customer’s experience at an interaction level or offer personalization that is pre-determined and static. All these may seem like fancy marketing automation but we will shortly see why they are not.

The solutions generally available for brands to “engage” their customers are in need to see beyond the “point-to-point” experience and walk with the customer throughout their “journey” with the brand. This is what helps the customers build a memorable yet empowering experience with the brand which makes customer not only loyal to but an advocate of the brand.


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