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Viewing Version History


Level 5

The only way I have found to view the version history of an AEM Guides DITA object is through the preview pane of the Assets > Files view. Is there a way to view this information from within the XML Editor or even the Map Dashboard?


AEM Guides (UUID) v4.2 On-Prem Installation (late April/early May 2023)
AEM 6.5.15 On-Prem Installation

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Level 6

Version History is available within the web editor. Please refer below screenshot to use the option.



Yes, thanks, that does allow us to view the Version History, but that option is only available after the topic is checked out and if the topic is not already set to DONE document state. 


For topics set to Document State = Done, is the Asset > File preview view the only way to view its version history?

Yes, another way to 'View' only the list of versions that a file has is through the 'Baselines' option under the 'Manage' tab. If you have baselines created for that map, it will list out all the files and their previous versions.

However, to revert to a specific version of the file or view the changes, the web editor and assets UI are the only options available.



@sschnelbach Did you find the suggestions from users helpful? Please let us know if more information is required. Otherwise, please mark the answer as correct for posterity. If you have found out solution yourself, please share it with the community.

Kautuk Sahni


Level 5

Yes and no. There are too many ways to find out information: Assets, XML Editor, Map Dashboard. I hope that more and more of the information will be consolidated into the XML Editor views.


However, we do still prefer to find a way to view the versions and the version comments from within the XML Editor and not have to locate the file in the Assets view, preview it, and go to version history.



We are in process of consolidating most of the functionalities which you have mentioned within Editor.

We have in-fact brought most capabilities of Map dashboard within the editor - Like Presets, reports, condition presets, baseline & translation. We'll soon have all of it consolidated within editor.

Regarding your other question regarding viewing version history for a topic which is not editable (because of it being checked-out by some other user or document state being done) - We have kept a note of it and we'll soon incorporate that option.