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Use shortdesc for Meta description in AEM site generation


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By default it looks like for AEM Site generation the meta description in the header is getting added byfmdita/components/dita/head

And is looking for jcr:description.

I expected that somewhere in the publish that shortdesc would have been set in the AEM site files as the jcr:description but that does not appear to be the case.  

Should that be expected behavior?


The shortdesc ends up in the published node structure so we could look to pull that property instead of the default.
Any pitfalls or concerns with taking that approach?
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Hi @jeffl39610155 
shortdesc is mapped to wrapper component which can remapped to a different component as per your requirement using elementmapping config located at /libs/fmdita/config/elementmapping.xml 




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Kautuk Sahni