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Guides default Output Presets


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In Cloud Manager we've deployed a dev environment using the "aem-project-archetype". I've also deployed the "com.adobe.fmdita-aemaacs-2022.11.198.zip" for Guides package, a custom DITA-OT.zip package and some Dita file content. I've also updated the Guides profile Schema with new custom dita paths.

Now in the author portal in Guides, when I select a ditamap file and select "Open Map dashboard", under "Output Presets" I expect to see 5 default presets:

AEM Site






But instead I see no default presets and none of the Generate, Edit, Create, etc... selections seem to be operational.

Shouldn't the 5 listed presets be listed/selectable by default?

My account has Administrator permissions in Guides, am I missing other permissions?

Any idea what could be the issue?



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@earl2 : please check if the user with which you are logged in has "publishers" group assigned in AEM


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@divrsing I was logged in with Administrator group access. I guess there must have been some package config issue as I ended up deleting the environment and re-building. The issue is not present in the new environment.

Thank you for your reply.