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FMPS Not Processing Indexterms


Level 5

FMPS does not seem to be processing index terms correctly.

When the index terms are placed in the prolog, a blank link is generated in the PDF output that appears above the topic title.

When the index terms are embedded within the text, the indexterms are processed like a carriage return was placed in the middle of a sentence.

When index terms are entered as <indexterm>entry<indexterm>entry2</indexterm></indexterm>, nothing is generated in the index and also the above (blank lines in the PDF output).

I know. AEM Guides v4.2 would eliminate all the FMPS issues. We're still trying to get it installed and working correctly on the test server before upgrading production.

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Hey @sschnelbach  

Could you send me a sample file set or attach it here on thread, I will get it investigated with the FMPS team.