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Why are there so many hyperlink problems in Adobe Muse?


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Business Catalyst is saying that the multiple styles that are being arbitrarily applied to hyperlinks when published or previewed is a glitch in Adobe Muse. In Muse, if you apply a hyperlink directly to text (as opposed to an object) you get multiple styles. No matter what I change, I end up with all these styles that make our webpage look like garbage. I've checked the site properties multiple times and turned them off and on. All to no avail. And it seems that Muse or Biz Cat, applies inline styles to each page, so I can't just go into a common CSS style sheet in Business Catalyst and delete the bad code. I have to go into each page and delete those styles, which is kind of a pain in Business Catalyst.

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Hi Shannon,

This forum is dedicated to Adobe Dynamic Tag Management. For help with Adobe Muse, please re-post this question in the Adobe Muse forum here: https://forums.adobe.com/community/muse


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