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"_satellite is not defined". Analytics script injected using DTM does not work on Mozilla Firefox & IE, works in Chrome.


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Hi all,

I see an issue where Analytics script injected using DTM does not work on Mozilla Firefox & IE, works in Chrome.

I have already done the following initial checks on FF primarily,

1. The DTM satellite script opens up correctly in Firefox when opened via "view page source" and clicking on the link for the satellite js.

2. It has the necessary data in it and is not blank. initially it showed not able to access, but by allowing the exception, i am able to access it now.

3. Another script _satellite.pageBottom() (I do not have the exact syntax, but you know what i am trying to put forth) is also included in the page footer.

4. I do not have the error screenshot from the browser console, as when i cleared once, it does not show up now.

5. I tried using "Digital Pulse Debugger" and the debugger never loads. (added screenshot).

6. FF version is latest 53.0.3 (32-bit).


The same setup works in Chrome.

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Unfortunately it's tough for us to debug without seeing the live site or more details on the error.

When you say the Analytics script doesn't work, can you provide some more information? Are you not seeing Adobe Analytics tags fire? Or is it a different tag you're expecting to see fire?

Have you tried working with your implementation consultant to get it resolved?

A few things to check:

- The satelliteLib include is properly set in the <head> of your webpage.

- The _satellite.pageBottom() include is properly set in the <body>, as close to the </body> tag as possible.

- Are you viewing the correct DTM environment/library? AKA - Prod vs Staging


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Did the previous answer help to resolve the original question? If you're still experiencing an issue, please provide the additional details requested.



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Adding this answer for anyone who stumbles across this issue:

In addition to the note supplied by ericmatisoff​​, some AdBlockers will block the assets.adobedtm.com satelliteLib script altogether, resulting in the same "_satellite is not defined" reference error.

Unfortunately, I could not find a work-around for the AdBlocker; but I could add a try catch to at least let me know there could be an issue:

try {


} catch(err) {

    console.log("Adobe DTM (Analytics) _satellite has not been loaded. Is there any chance you're using an AdBlocker?");



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Another option would be checking to see if the _satellite object exists (rather than try/catch which is not preferred by some developers for some reason):

if(typeof _satellite == "object")


else console.log("DTM es no bueno");

Glad you figured it out! What AdBlocker was causing the issue?


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Thanks for your reply, Eric

uBlock Origin was the culprit in this case. But I also test with Ghostery, which gives me the ability to block the DTM scripts, too.