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Can I set cookies against the domain in DTM via _satellite.setCookie?


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Hi guys,

I'd like to set a cookie using DTM's _satellite.setCookie function, however it seems that I can only set a cookie against the specific subdomain of the site it's set on, rather than the domain.

I'm tying to write a member id cookie on signup.domain.com based on a completed signup, and pick up that cookie value on community.domain.com, however when I look at the cookie itself I can see it's set against signup.domain.com, and is therefore not seen by community.domain.com.

Is there a way I can set this cookie against .domain.com using _satellite.setCookie?

Cheers, Jez

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Good question,

I've encountered with the same dilema, I need that my cookies can be set/read across subdomains?,There is any way to do this?

Documentation talk about this, but it refers options that there are not on DTM... 


Thank you,




Hi Jerome,

Unfortunately, you cannot use _satellite.setCookie to set a cookie on a user specified domain.  The function doesn't explicitly define domain when setting the cookie.  Therefore, the default domain is used which corresponds to the current hostname (domain and subdomain both).