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DTM: SATELLITE: Error - Failed to load script


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I was told that if DTM encountered any errors, it would *not* stop the site from working. This is a situation where some code I checked in to DTM absolutely broke the site--and I'm pretty sure it's not even something I did wrong. It's telling me that adobedtm failed to load a script: but the script in question is not my dtm JS library. It's a sub library that DTM created for one of my rules that contains custom javascript.

Why is DTM failing to load its own library, and why in the world would that break my site?


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When I go to the provided script link, the script content is returned, so this tells me the script is available but there may be a timing issue preventing it from loading. The script failure shouldn't cause the site to break nor should it interfere with the library loading; however, I'm happy to dig further into this behavior to determine what's going on here. Can you provide the DTM property / rule name and a test URL by chance where I can review this behavior?


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This is actually something that happens a lot. I've learned that the different sections of the Rules you create refer to their own sub-library files that DTM generates dynamically. Well, at least I know that's true of the 3rd Party Javascript  tools section at the bottom of every Rule. And this happens to me usually when I'm putting JS in that section when there was nothing there before. So I think that maybe I've been trying to test a page that is relying on a new JS file that DTM is still putting in place, or it's an issue where the first time I do it something gets missed on the DTM side and the file doesn't actually get created. I can always fix it, I have leaned, by re-opening the JS snippet, hitting the Save button, and saving the rule again.

thanks for following up!

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