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DTM - numeric events support-interface, variable names populated from RS, web storage for data el


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I'd like to suggest 3 features for DTM.


A feature that would allow for downloading specific report suite settings for events, evars, props etc. It would be a lot easier to do the mappings for our rules using names coming from our report suites rather then evar1, event10 etc. Note that a pretty similar feature already exists for AEM - SiteCatalyst integration. Inside mapping framework a user is able to give his SiteCat credentials and then the page is populated with variables from specific report suite.



It would be nice to have the ability to use the interface for numeric events (similarly as we have the ability to serialize them, maybe a small checkbox to indicate the numeric event and an input field for it's value?).



A functionality that would allow us to choose how data elements will be stored. 
In our recent project we had issues with cookie usage. Basically a lot of data for a third party tool was stored in a cookie and adding more cookies caused problems with exploding cookies, exceeding http header limit etc. 

All modern browsers (and even IE8) support web storage and I think it would be really nice to have the possibility to choose how data elements values should be stored (for example: a session persistent data element could be a part of session storage, a visitor persistent data element could be a part of local storage etc.).




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