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event type dataelementchanged - add field to specify polling interval


Level 9


DTM has an Event Based Rule of type dataelementchanged.  It used to work by polling the specified data element every 100ms.  At some point in time it changed to poll every 1000ms (1s).  This is a significant increase in elapsed time between checking if the data element value has changed!  I assume someone made the change to help with performance, but this is too much. 

I would like for a field to be added to EBR of this type to allow me to specify (in milliseconds)  the polling delay. Put a note about performance in the docs or whatever, but give me (the user) control of this, please!

Now.. I have a sneaking suspicion updating DTM likely isn't going to be at the top of Adobe's priority list seeing as how Launch is a thing now.  But from what I have seen and heard, Launch also puts a 1000ms delay on dataelementchanged, and does not allow you to specify a different delay time.  Please PLEASE add this!

dataelementchanged is a powerful event type, but putting a 1000ms polling delay on it significantly cripples viable use-cases for it it