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DTM for mobile




I would really like to see DTM for mobile devices be launched, it's a big pain point to add tags to mobile devices, considering you have to create a new build and resubmit it to stores every time you want to make a simple change. DTM for mobile would really speed up Experience Cloud implementations and create value faster.



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Thanks for the suggestion. Please see our FAQs page in the DTM documentation for more information on this topic. I've pasted the relevant section below:

For web apps (applications that run in the browser or for pages with many Ajax sequences), DTM provides excellent data collection and distribution capabilities. See Event Types.

For mobile apps, there is a bit of misinformation out there regarding tag management capabilities on mobile devices. The answer depends on how the mobile application is built and deployed.

DTM is fully compatible with any hybrid mobile apps using a wrapper, such as PhoneGap or Cordova. DTM is also fully compatible with responsive designs or mobile-optimized sites consisting of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

For fully-native, compiled, Objective-C mobile applications where every piece of screen content comes from within the compiled code, there is no tag management system available today to adequately deal with tagging use cases in those environments. For those cases, Adobe recommends the full power, flexibility, and visitor context available through the Analytics SDK.

If the apps are a hybrid of native code for their screen "shells" (header, footer, & sidebar) and the native app pulls in HTML and CSS content from the web to display on the mobile device screen, DTM can be useful for the web content.

In other words, the tag management functionality you can use in a mobile application depends on how the app was built.

DTM - Frequently Asked Questions