Automatically Update Names of Data Elements Used in DTM Rules



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This idea is being archived. Please see comments section below for a similar idea in Launch, by Adobe.

New Idea - Reference Data Elements


Changing the name of a Data Element does not automatically update the name of the same element when it is used in any DTM rule.


IF the name of a Data Element has been updated

   AND that same Data Element is referred elsewhere within DTM (beit a rule or installed tool or anywhere else it is used)

THEN system will automatically update the name of the Data Element anywhere it is used.*

*Note: This solution would exclude areas where custom scripts are permitted. My naive assumption is that having the system change custom scripts would be a very bad/problem-causing idea.

Thanks for listening.

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Too bad I cannot promote this a hundred times. Found out the hard way on this one. C'mon ADOBE you can do it!



In the short term, I would also recommend an update to the documentation to note this caveat/limitation.


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This idea is being archived since it applies to a product that is no longer being actively developed for at Adobe. Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) has been officially replaced by

The overall feature request is still a good idea and I'd like to encourage all users that have voted here to vote on a very similar idea that exists on the Launch, by Adobe​ community. I've linked the idea below for your convenience.

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Reference Data Elements