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Adobe Launch Workflow:Improve separation of code development and approval


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Within our organisation we want to create a clear separation between 1) those developing code 2) those testing/approving code (I'm sure this is a common requirement).

As I understand, Adobe Launch attempts to provide this is by having a "developer" role and an "approver" role.

Unfortunately, as in many organisations, we (the Digital Analytics Team) are not a large team.  Therefore, it is impractical to have people solely dedicated to developing and solely dedicated to testing/approving.  This makes the solution provided by Adobe Launch unworkable as team members end up being granted both 'developer' and 'approver' rights (i.e. no separation).

What we require is the ability to grant both "Developer" and "Approver" rights to a user but critically deny them the ability to approve code they have developed

This way we could enforce a clear separation between the developer and approver without the need to have people dedicated to specific roles.

I believe this would be a significant security/efficiency enhancement.

Please can this be considered?