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DTM notification of rules waiting to be published


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My organisation has a large digital presence with multiple DTM property's (60+) and it is time consuming going through all the DTM property's to see if I have rules waiting to be published.


It would be great if publishers/admins would receive a notification when a rule is waiting to be published, or if a notification workflow was added.


I requested this back in May, but haven't heard anything more around this?








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Good idea @user3 - I like it. In case you haven't discovered it yet, non-publishers do have the ability to "Request Publish" via the interface, which will send an email. However, this is a different functionality than what you're requesting.



It's important that the email notifications are useful, rather than creating a ton of spam in your inbox. In your opinion, how often should these notifications be sent out? For example:

- Once at the end of every day, if there are unapproved changes

Once at the end of every day, if there are approved, yet unpublished changes

- Any time there is an approved change that has not been published for 24 hours

- Any time there is an unapproved change that has not been approved for 24 hours


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If the DTM Web properties page ever gets redone, that would also be a good spot to list # of rules needing approved/published (there are actually tons of things that could be added to this page to make an admin's life WAY easier).