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server-side : User continue to see same Target variant even after it is set to zero percent - reset stickyness for previously qualified visitors if variant is changed


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In server-side, we are using getOffers() api, 
We have noticed that a variant in a Target activity is very "sticky". Once a user sees a variant, they cannot get out of it, even when that variant is changed to zero percent in Target. We have tried clearing cookies and then closing the browser, and even then, we see that zero percent variant experience. The only way we have found to solve this is to clone the activity and disable the old one.
Note: we are passing thirdPartyId and tntId is generated for stickiness.

How adobe managing the cache for default 14 days for get same experience?
Is there a way to reset existing visitor's cache if the variant is updated for particular mbox?


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If you're passing thirdPartyId then the visitor profile attached to that thirdPartyId is what is qualifying for the activity. This means that, even after clearing cookies, cache etc, if the same thirdPartyId is present in the request to Target then those qualified activities will be served again.

So, as you alluded to, you can't reset qualification for an existing activity, you would need to duplicate it