Recommendations not appearing on QA, only on preview




Im trying to set a recommendations module on a page but these are not pushed to the webpage. The only way to see them is by using the "Preview" link included in Adobe Target, which is pulling 3 different offers along with their URLs. Feeds are working fine (scheduled every day in the morning) and in the overview screen of the activity I saw "Results ready" with green indicator.

- I tried QA link, nothing.

- I tried visiting the page, nothing.


Using at.js 2.1.


Thanks for your help!!






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@Mau_Gloria Can you please confirm if any data is available for the criteria? This can be checked via the 'Download Data' option within the Target activity. This would generate a CSV file that is populated according to the criteria and design defined in the activity. 

You can also debug this by adding ?content-trace=true which would generate the Recommendations trace and you can see if the recommended products are not getting excluded.



Karan Dhawan